About Us

Infallible Systems Ltd is a roofing contractor based in SE18, South East London, from where it has been operating for over 30 years. The company was started by Geoff Evans and although no longer owned by the family several family members are still involved in the day to day running of operations.

Following a recent management buyout the new directors, Claire Crickett and John Chapman, who had both been working for the company for a number of years, are delighted to be working with an experienced and long serving workforce to continue to develop the services offered.

With mastic asphalt origins we still maintain the craftsmanship with experienced operatives and by sponsoring apprentices into this craft. The many and varied uses of this product can be seen in more detail in services including the Paco Patch system for setting ironwork which we carry out in conjunction with Pure Asphalt.

Developing from mastic asphalt roofing, we have spent the last 20 years adding to the roofing portfolio with new and innovative systems to cover all roofing issues, repairs, renewals and feel we can offer a full range of tried and tested roofing solutions.

We take pride in the service we can offer delivering honest quotations and carrying out quality works with experienced staff.

To be able to maintain these standards we keep a close knit company and encourage all staff to engage in the progression of the company with in-house and external training, apprenticeships and some more fun things too including fund raising for our nominated charity which this year is Tuck by Truck.

We hope that you will peruse our website for more detail of mastic asphalt works, liquid waterproofing and the many other roofing and specialised services we offer. Please do contact us with any queries.