Walkways, Balconies and terraces

Where roofs are to carry foot traffic – regular or occasional – a level of appropriate protection must be provided, there are several options for this that can be used in addition to the roofing.


There are several types of promenade tiles

  • Glass reinforced lighter weight, low profile tiles which can be used on balconies and walkways, they can be supplied in numerous finishes and colours fixed direct or on supports.
  • Porous tiles which absorb water eliminating surface water issues, these are available in various shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Rubber tiles these and be used to provide maintenance walkways as well as fully covered areas.


  • A wearing course can be applied to most surfaces and must be applied to the like of a liquid system if it is to be used as a traffic area. The wearing course provides a hard top with slip resistance and can be dressed in a variety of colours.


  • A full variety of slabs, stone or decking can also be used laid direct, on spacers or pedestals to create any desired finish over the watertight balcony, terrace or walkway.

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