Green Roofing

Green and Brown roofs are ecological, eco-friendly and in the right situation are a living active water filtration system.

The water can be harvested and used for non-essential water supplies.

Green roofs can also work as an air filtration system (purifying air), Infallible Systems fully trained installers are constantly training, to keep up to date with modern standards and ever changing, increasing demand.

Green roofs are capable of thriving on pitches up to 60°, they can either be sown planted (trees, shrubs etc) or installed fully grown. A sedum system is the cheapest and most widely used Green roof to date.

Green roofs can consist of fully grown sedum installation – sedum medium installation or cut and plug, tress, shrubs, bushes and plants.

Brown roofs work on the same principle as the Green roofs but use locally sourced growing medium usually to maintain a local specialised habitat.

Roof resistant membranes must be part of the installation.
Man safe installation.
Outlets and drainage
Lightning conductors are all considerations required for Green roof systems.
Best practice guidance will refer to FLL Standards.

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Why Choose Infallible Systems for your green roof needs?

We have installed many green roofs and with our long history in the field, experience and knowledge within the sector we will be able to provide an excellent service. We only use highly skilled and experienced technicians and only use high quality systems capable of lasting.

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